About Carolyn "Carrie" Crocker

Carolyn "Carrie" Crocker currently lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. She currently works by commission and is represented by Gallery 26 and Matt McLeod Fine Art Gallery. She is a graduate of  the University of Arkansas where she is studied Metalsmithing, French, & Sculpture. Having a strong appreciation for differing cultures, histories, and communication.  It is this fascination that led her to the three-dimensional arts. Influenced by psychology, interpersonal relationships, anthropology, language, and art she drew on these interests to describe and communicate differing ideas.

Currently influenced by Circus imagery and culture due to the similarities to her upbringing and exploring the ideas of safety, vulnerability, dependency, and family through utilitarian as well as sculptural metal objects. Utilizing non-ferrous materials, photo transfer, fabrication, etching, and enameling, it is her goal to develop individual pieces to be worn or to be viewed as sculptural artwork that convey her ideas explored. 

Crocker takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about her availability: